Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Have We Hit Bottom?

Available: 1825 Catherine St in Santa Clara $475,000
In Escrow: 647 Rocking Horse Ct. $899,000
Just Sold: 2809 Agate Dr $525,000
Just Sold: 1085 Tasman Dr #169 $142,000
Just Sold: 1004 & 1008 Zarick Dr (Duplex) $610,000
Just Sold: 934 56th St, Oakland $281,000

WARNING: Mortgage loan limit of $729,750 is set to EXPIRE on Sept 30th. It will be reduced to $625,500.
If you were considering buying in the price range of $650,000 to $950,000 this could impact you. Email me NOW so I can help you understand what this change will cost you.

Have We Hit the Bottom?
Low mortgage rates and declining home values make homeownership extremely affordable these days. But does that mean now is the right time to buy a home? Should you wait? It depends on whom you ask, where you live and most important, on your situation.

Unfortunately, "nobody hits the gong when the market hits bottom," says Jed Smith, managing director of quantitative research for the National Association of Realtors. But in many markets, it appears

Homeowners in Denial About Value of Properties

Homeowners, especially those who bought their houses after the real-estate bubble burst, are still having trouble accepting just how much the values of their properties may have fallen, says a new report from the real-estate site Zillow. Current sellers who bought their homes in 2007 or later, an analysis of the site’s home listings shows, are overpricing their properties by an average of

Market Recap
The chart below shows that cities east of highway 880 are still experiencing a very high demand for housing.

For Comparison: Sales in the cities west of highway 880 are becoming stronger.

Market Snapshot
The table represents aggregated values based on MLS data for the specified date.

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